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Preventive Dental Care: Why Is It So Important?

In almost any walk of life, whether it is car trouble or roofing trouble, or even trouble with our teeth and gums, prevention is always better than cure. But while we’re perhaps happy to have our cars in the garage for checks at the first sign of trouble, many of us don’t have the same diligence when it comes to our teeth and often miss out on visits to a dentist.

Many wait until problems with our teeth or gums have manifest before seeking help from a dentist. But preventing dental health issues is surely better than the cure, and often is cheaper to treat. After all, a filling is likely to hurt your wallet a lot less than a full-blown extraction!

But it’s not just our teeth and gums that are at risk. There have been definitive scientific links between our oral health and our general health, and the two are intertwined much more than many people realize. A problem such as gum disease, for example, can have far reaching consequences on other parts of our body and can lead to heart disease if untreated.

Preventive dental care goes a lot deeper than simple brushing and flossing. A dentist can monitor changes that occur in the mouth and identify problems at the earliest stages. Many people think a dentist only looks after a person’s teeth; the reality is a dentist is well-versed in looking after gums, jaw bone, and other parts of the oral cavity.

It is therefore important that we not only adopt a regular dental health regime involving brushing and flossing, but that we consciously make the time and effort to have regular checkups by a dentist in order that any potential problems are identified and dealt with quickly. The dentist’s exam might not even turn up anything, but you can always rest assured knowing that by being proactive when it comes to your dental health can also help safeguard your general health, too.

Even if problems do exist, early detection can ensure any ill-effects are minimal and won’t develop into a more serious issue. From finding the smallest cavities, to removing tartar from beneath our gum lines or performing dental fillings, a dentist doesn’t just look after our oral health, but also seeks to ensure that our general health isn’t affected by oral health issues later in life.

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