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Complete Oral Rehabilitation in Kelowna

Have you lost a number of teeth or have your teeth have worn down or worn out? Do you experience dysfunction because of poor tooth or jaw relationship? Dr. Shupe provides durable and attractive rehabilitative dentistry. Our oral rehabilitation services in Kelowna lay a foundation for healthier functioning as well as a restored smile. Replacing lost teeth also supports the health and stability of your remaining natural teeth. Your overall well-being can also improve since stable, strong teeth allow you to eat and enjoy a wider variety of foods.

Dr. Shupe invites you for a consultation to learn how complete oral rehabilitation can combine crowns, bridges and implants to restore both your looks and comfort.

oral rehabilitation

What is oral rehabilitation?

Restorative dentistry refers to management and procedures that your dentist performs to keep your mouth healthy and functional. These procedures include putting in dental implants, dentures, fillings, and crowns. This kind of dentistry does not require specialization; it just refers to the preventative and corrective steps that general practice dentists take to make sure that our mouths stay as healthy as possible. Restorative dentistry is first and foremost concerned with keeping the mouth functioning as best it can and, in the process of doing so, can improve the overall look of one’s smile. This is what separates restorative dentistry from cosmetic dentistry — the latter is more concerned with aesthetics.

What are the types of oral rehabilitation?

There are a variety of things that can go awry in the mouth, which is why dental professionals work hard to make sure that any possible issues are dealt with early on, or prevented altogether. Since not all patients practice consistent, good oral care – and injuries and diseases happen – restoring teeth and gums to a healthy state becomes necessary. The simplest and most common form of oral rehabilitation is filling a cavity after all the decay has been removed. The tooth is saved and the filling should last for 5 to 12 years.

When trauma, periodontal disease or dental decay lead to broken or missing teeth, your dentist relies on other forms of oral rehabilitation to save or replace damaged teeth. Inlays, onlays, crowns can strengthen and protect broken teeth. If one or more teeth cannot be saved, oral rehabilitation for missing teeth includes:

  • Full or partial dentures
  • Dental implants
  • Crowns and bridges

Why do patients choose oral rehabilitation?

Sometimes a dentist must use a combination of dental services when a patient needs a full-mouth rehabilitation to replace every tooth. Patients choose this type of treatment for reasons of health, comfort and personal image. Being able to eat a range of foods and avoid pain and bone loss improves quality of life. In addition, patients may choose dental implants over full dentures if they are good candidates because implants are more stable and natural looking. Patients choose less extensive forms of oral rehabilitation, such as crowns and bridges, to stabilize their remaining teeth, to chew and speak more naturally, and to create an attractive smile.

Your decision to rebuild your smile is as individual as you are, both for your dental health and your aesthetic goals. For that reason, Dr. Shupe and his staff will answer all of your questions about oral rehabilitation at our Kelowna dental office.

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